The People’s Library is rebuilding, given that many of the books and much of the equipment was destroyed in the the NYPD’s raid on Zuccotti Park.

And to help do this, the library is once again going mobile, in a different way than it did for N17. Maria Popova reports:

[M]y friend Liz Danzico (@bobulate) and I are doing an impromptu #OWS Bookmobile tour to help rebuild the library. We’re starting with our own book from our piles of press copies and making several stops across Brooklyn starting at 1pm today to pick up other donations, then dropping all the books off at the #OWS library.

I’m in love with the logo (designed by @kellieanderson). And the idea of ingeniously reversing the dynamic of the bookmobile—using a vehicle to gather up books for circulation elsewhere, rather than using it to directly distribute—is quite striking.

Hopefully the rebuilding will continue to look to the infrastructure of the library, and not just the books—and a lot of the donations are as awesome as Bartleby.

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